Our studio is a unique and comfortable space under the roof. It aims to broaden your artistic horizons, help you express yourself and teach you the basics of the fine arts. It was opened in November 2019 by a Russian artist living in Switzerland - Ksenia Astakhova. Ksenia has a Master's degree in Arts and Design and a classical school of drawing and painting that is rarely taught nowadays. Before opening her own studio, she taught art in different schools of Lausanne.


Our goal is to teach you strong skills so that children can enter prestigious art universities and adults become professional artists (not necessarily of course ;). That's why we encourage you to take classes regularly so you don't miss the topic in order to progress. As at the professional art school, our disciplines are divided: drawing and painting are different classes that we do not mix.


An undeniable advantage of Artiloft is an individual approach for each student. Our groups are small, we don't take more than 10 people per class, so that the teacher can devote time to each student individually.


We are always looking for talents from the region who have unique techniques to run special workshops at our space. We are looking forward to exhibiting paintings of our students and participating in art competitions in Switzerland and Europe.


Children are welcome from 6 years old. Classes are designed for beginners as well as experienced artists.

All of our classes are undetermined and you can join them whenever you wish. The teacher will adjust to the level of each student individually.


At Artiloft:

We do not paint from photos*;

We do not copy the paintings.

We only paint from real life objects and our imagination;)

* rarely and only taken by ourselves


If you have an idea to organise a creative birthday or a party, we will be happy to help you and provide you with our space.


If you are an independent artist looking for a space to create your projects, we will be happy to offer you a creative coworking space. Do not hesitate to contact us!

PRESS ABOUT ARTILOFT: https://lachouquette.ch/cours-art-dessin-peinture-artiloft-renens


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