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To register or for any general information, please contact us:

Telephone: 078-834-81-54 • Email:

Address: Artiloft, Chemin de la Colline 1C 1007 Lausanne

For the correspondence: Artiloft, Chemin de Montelly 8 1007 Lausanne


Metro M1 Montelly • Bus stop 16 Montelly • 3 / 20 / 21 Cécil

15 min by foot from Lausanne centre

If you come by car:

1. You can hop off your child in front of the entrance

2. Blue and white parking zones at Chemin de Montelly

3. Blue and white zone around Center Sebeillon (Av. de Sévelin 32 1004 Lausanne)

4. Parking at Migros supermarket: Av. de Sévelin 2 (Max. 2 hours)

Thanks for submitting!

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