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Our team is happy to organize you a creative celebration of your choice: children's birthday, team building, girls' party or any other private workshop on your special occasion.

The duration of the creative party is 2.5 hours (for children) and 3 hours (for adults) where we will realize an artwork on the chosen theme, guided step by step by our teacher. It might be your child's favourite cartoon, or your favourite abstract technique, or painting a flower... you name it.

During the workshop we draw, we listen to the music, we eat, drink and we play games with the kids. Everyone will finish with a memorable artwork souvenir regardless the level of preparation.


The price is 60 CHF per child or 80 CHF* per adult which includes:

1) Art materials
2) Professional supervision according to the
chosen theme / technique

3) Festive balloons and decorations

4) Face painting (kids only)

5) Games, disco (kids only)

We will be happy to provide extra services for an additional price:

1) Piñata (from 40 CHF depending on the number of guests)

2) Press / photo wall
3) Balloon arch
4) Cake, catering

5) Party bags (from 10 CHF per participant)

You are free to bring snacks and drinks of your choice. We have a fully equipped kitchen on spot.

The minimum number of participants is 6 and the maximum is 30 if in our space. The private workshops are also available outdoors or on your chosen location, the minimal number is 8 and the maximal number is up to you to decide.

Our spaces are located in Lausanne (Chemin de la Colline 1c 1007 Lausanne) and

in Montreux (Rue des Artisans 5 1815).

Here are some ideas for the techniques that we can do: liquid acrylics (pouring), cyanotype or monotype printing, alcohol inks abstraction, pastel painting, watercolour drawing, acrylic painting, linocut, manga illustration, handlettering, chinese calligraphy etc.

* The price may vary from 80 to 120 CHF per participant according to the chosen technique and material usage.

We have an experience of hosting team building workshops for such clients as: Nestlé, PMI, ISL, Procter & Gamble and others.

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